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Rodgers Medical Services P/L may from time to time review and update this privacy policy statement to take account of new laws, technology and changes that impact on Wrap Around Kids™. WAK’s most recent privacy policy will be posted on our website: www.wraparoundkids.com

1. Why do we collect personal information?
a. Personal information will only be collected within Wrap Around Kids™, for the purpose of improving understanding by managing professionals and family/carers of an individual student’s needs.
b. Wrap Around Kids™ On-Line website (WAKOL) is integral to the successful, efficient and confidential sharing of information between managing professionals and family
c. De-identified data (containing no personal information to identify individuals) may be used in publications to demonstrate the benefits of collaborative management and increase community understanding of local service needs.

2. What personal information is collected?
d. The personal information gathered within the Wrap Around Kids™ program will be from a variety of sources including parents/guardians/carers/other family members, educators, health professionals and others associated with the program.
e. In general the personal information gathered within the WAK program will include : name, address, contact details, date of birth, gender, Medicare number, private health fund number, list of prescribed medications, family social history, assessment reports, and minutes from Wrap Around meetings, contact details of managing professionals.
f. WAK has appointed a Privacy Officer to oversee management of personal information in accordance with this policy and the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

3. How is the information stored?
g. Wrap Around Kids™ records and stores any personal information securely through physical and electronic means. WAK will take all reasonable steps to ensure that information about an individual student is not misused, lost or subject to unauthorised access or use.
h. The minutes from each Wrap Around Meeting and any relevant assessments provided by the family/carer will be stored on a secure administration server with 24 hour security that routinely employs firewalls, encryption, passwords and other policies and procedures to ensure security of data storage.

4. Who can access personal information?
i. Professionals involved in management of individual students are given authorisation by a parent/guardian/ carer for access to Wrap Around Kids™ On-line for those students only. WAK posts unique passwords to those professionals for secure entry to WAKOL.
j. Any change in the authorisation of managing professionals requires completion of the Update Managing Professionals Form. This can be completed online by the Wrap Around Coordinator or obtained in hard copy from WAK or the Wrap Around Coordinator.
k. WAK will not use or disclose personal information other than for the purpose for which it is gathered, without appropriate consent or authorisation.
l. Age based consent, according to ….Act (state) is encouraged for students 14-16yrs; 16-18yrs and above 18yrs are encouraged to provide the young person with an active role in supported advocacy.
m. WAK obtains consent for minors and disclosing or communicating information through the relevant school and relies on the school to obtain such consents from the appropriate persons, including taking into account any Family Court matters notified to the school.
n. In the event that parents, guardians or carers wish to withdraw their consent for a student’s participation in the WAK program, completion of the Withdrawal from the Program Form is required. This form can be obtained from WAK or the Wrap Around Coordinator and lodged with WAK. Lodgement of this form will ensure that all previously authorised professionals cease to have access to the particular student’s records.

5. How can changes be made to personal information?
o. If information needs to be amended or updated please contact WAK or the Wrap Around Coordinator as soon as possible or download an Update Student Details Form online and return to WAK.
p. If the participating school do not continue to subscribe to the WAK program, the parent will have the option to subscribe in order to maintain online access to their child’s records.
q. Parents, guardians or carers will receive an email annually to remind them of the process of re-engagement if they feel another Wrap Around Meeting would benefit their child.

If you have enquires or wish to provide feedback about this policy, please email info@wraparoundkids.com

To make an access request please write to the

Privacy Officer
Rodgers Medical Services P/L
PO Box 262
Benalla VIC 3671

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